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Wiesmann Roadster, 2006

  • Wiesmann Roadster, 2006

The Wiesmann-Roadster which is manufactured since 1993, has been adapted permanently to the latest technical development. It's a dynamic and powerful sports car, made for convertible enthusiasts, taking its very own market position, supported by an ever growing fan community. The Wiesmann brand is established.

In succeeding years the Wiesmann-Roadster has been continuously developed and kept up-to-date with engineering progress. With almost 500 examples now having been built, a quality of finish has now been achieved which is unequalled among comparable small-scale manufacturers.

In 2003, on the 10th anniversary of the factory, Wiesmann gave the models a facelift: from the 300th. Roadster, all vehicles leaving the factory had a number of optical and technical detail alterations. The classic shape of the car body, which became very successful and is particularly loved by Wiesmann customers, retained unchanged. Improvements to the interior and modest alterations to the Roadster's external appearance were signs of the continued logical development of the vehicle concept.

Additional options allow the customers to individualise their own hand-made dream car. Individuality is the magic word! After all, the customer wants a car that is individually equipped, tailored to his wishes, crafted to suit him and make him satisfied and happy.

The Wiesmann-Roadster is available with two powerful engines:
MF 30 - 170 kW/231 HP - 2,979 cc
MF 3 - 252 kW/343 HP - 3,246 cc
Wiesmann Roadster

Even though the performance of the normally-fitted engine with 3 litres and 231 HP (achieving a power-weight ratio of 4.67 kg/HP) is adequate for a sports car, this was not always sufficient to fulfil all our customers' wishes for engine performance. This culminated in the offer of a further engine from the BMW stable, the M engine from the 3-series.

The driving qualities of the Roadsters with this engine, with its output of 343 HP and 365 Nm (resulting in a power-to-weight ratio of the car at its empty weight of 1,180 kg of 3.44 kg/HP) combined with a sequential manual 6-speed gearbox are driven to the very peak of driving enjoyment.

The extension of standard equipment covers the following new features:

Standard equipment
+ BMW M3-Motor 252 kW/ 343 HP and 365 Nm
+ Dynamics switch (throttle valve control selectable sporty/ comfortable)
+ New design of the rear light-clusters and the front flashers
+ Additional side blinkers in the sills
+ Redesigned door-lock
+ New switch design in the central console
+ New control lights display
+ New design for the instrument panel
+ Interior improvements with leather elements in cross-stitch pattern

Special equipment available at an extra price
+ Sequential 6-speed gearbox (SMG II) with switch on the steering wheel (2 driving modes: manual gear-change with steering wheel switch or with the gear stick; automatic mode)
+ Drivelogic (6 different driving programmes for comfortable driving through to sporty driving)
+ Acceleration assistant (for optimum vehicle acceleration at sports car racing level)
+ Control light display with gear indicator
+ DSC Dynamic Stability control (manual cut-out)
+ Modification of the front lighting units (additional xenon or H7 headlights)
+ Wider wheels (255/30 on 9.5x19" front, 295/30 on 11x19" rear)

The optical and aerodynamic developments, in combination with the modified standard equipment and great variety of individual possibilities, once again enhanced the attractiveness of the Wiesmann-Roadster.

Base price:
Wiesmann Roadster MF 30 € 91.000 incl. VAT
Wiesmann Roadster MF 3 € 96.000 incl. VAT

Zenvo ST1, 2010

  • Zenvo ST1, 2010

The Zenvo ST1 is designed to express the excessive power and performance of the car.

The design brief from the Zenvo creators to the designers at hermann & brandt design consultancy was to design a supercar that looked like no other supercar. The design had to be aggressive mixing supercar styling with race car elements.

The design of the Zenvo ST1 is made from free flowing accelerating lines creating the shape of the wheel arches, the roof line, side line and the lower side air intake. The sharp lines are connected by muscular organic surfacing creating dramatic reflections. Contrasting the general surfacing the design features a race car inspired lower carbon splitter.

The front of the Zenvo ST1 is designed around the hexagonal trademark Zenvo grille flanked by the large front air intakes used for brakes and engine cooling. The intakes are raked back to minimize drag and at the same time making the side impression of the car more compact.

The theme of the front is repeated in the rear which is designed around the big diffuser necessary for high speed stability. As on the front the center volume is flanked by large air exits extracting hot engine air as well as housing the exhaust and rear lights.

The rear spoiler mandatory for a car capable of extreme high speeds is partly integrated in the rear wing. It has a unique aerodynamic design following the raked shape of the rear end.

Technical Specifications

    * Max. power: 1104 hp (810 kW) at 6900 rpm
    * Max. torque: 1430Nm at 4500 rpm
    * Top speed: 375 km/h (electronically controlled)
    * Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.0 s
    * Dimension
          o Overall length: 4665 mm
          o Overall width, without mirrors: 2041 mm
          o Overall height: 1198 mm
          o Wheelbase: 3055 mm
          o Weight: 1376 kg
          o Headroom front: 1002 mm
          o Legroom front: 1104 mm
          o Shoulderroom front: 1398 mm
          o Cargo volume: 130 l
          o Fuel tank volume: 69 l

Yes Roadster 3.2, 2006

  • Yes Roadster 3.2, 2006

The new YES! Roadster 3.2 is the perfect conceptual advancement of the YES! and sticks to its own principles: pure driving pleasure.

A powerful 3.2-liter-V6-engine with 255 hp produces an uncompromising driving machine, one that is powerful , vibrant in its performance and super-charged with pasion. The result is an heir honouring its legacy yet adopting trendsetting shapes and technology. - simply a revolutionary evolution!

Compared to its predecesor, the new YES! has grown significantly. Larger engines and a longer wheel base have resulted in more over - hang at the front as well as the rear leading to a more stretched and full of suspense appearance of the roadster. The wedge-shaped ascending side line and the racy accentuated wings in the front and rear do remain THE striking attributes.

For the YES! Roadster 3.2 Turbo the concept was taken one step further: an especially developed rear wing spoiler asures the necessary down force, to bring 355 HP safely onto the stret.

The »YES Roadster 3.2 Turbo« is a driving machine that relocates limits. The person driving it has to be capable of accelerating 930 kg in 3.9 seconds to 100 km/h. Manoeuvring it is a balancing act between dominating and being dominated. The power is transferred unaltered onto the streets. This is what requires the Turbo's driver utter concentration. Rewarded with a unique and sensational sense of driving. An experience you will never forget.

The interior is the human-machine interface. This is where the driver takes the command, feels the direct contact to the street, navigates and controls the instruments.

The high-strength aluminium-space-frame takes care of the passive safety. Also, driver and passenger are protected by optional air bags if necessary. High-quality materials combined with chrome and leather applications turn the interior into a sporty unity. Optional equipment and accessories, for example the modern multimedia navigation system and the three-way sound system, offer wide space for individualisati on.

With variable camshaft settings the renowned V6 four valve engine equipped with 3,189 cm3 of engine displacement — in the naturally aspirated as well as in the turbo version — combined with a max. torque already at 2,001 1/min has virtually an easy job with the 890 and 930 kg respectively of the YES! Roadster 3.2 and 3.2 Turbo. In doing so, the fuel consumpti on is only at 8,2 and 9,3 litre respectively on 100 km in the so called combined fuel consumption.

A 6-speed-manual transmission or alternatively the 5-speed-automatic transmission (optional, only Roadster 3.2) together with a lengthwise build in powertrain take care of the power transmission onto the rear wheels. A rather low shifting effort and precise, short shifting travels allow fast and exact gear changes.

Chassis / axle / steering
Light double wishbones at the front and rear axle, adopted from race use, provide in combination with the adjustable spring and damper elements a high responsiveness and precise wheel guidance (optional sports suspension). The steering - being adjustable in the vertical and in the longitudal axis - supports this by its fingertip easy handling and direct set up.

Brakes / ABS
Ventilated brake discs on the front axle as well as on the rear axle provide a maximum deceleration and a well balanced braking power - also during a continuous run. The braking power is transferred by 4-piston fixed callipers onto the brake discs. The pedal force is transferred directly in favour of a superior pedal feel , optionally supported by a multi-chanel ABS-system which is directly derived from racing.

Exhaust system
The exhaust system, consisting of two exhaust pipes made of high-quality steel, does not only release a powerful and individual sound via its two shape integrated pipe ends but also meets the demanding emision standards (Euro 4 in Europe , Lev 1 in the U.S.). Optionally, you can obtain a stainless steel-version.

In adition to the usual high level of passive safety , full-size driver's and passenger's airbags are available for the »YES! Roadster 3.2« and 3.2 Tur bo. Just in case.

Top / hardtop
We want you to enjoy it as often as possible: open driving. Therefore, we have also found space in the YES! Roadster 3.2 and the YES! Roadster 3.2 Turbo to store the familiar easy to assemble soft top — made of »Sonnenlandstoff« — inside the car, by also additionally providing space for some weekend luggage. Optional and mostly for the cold season is the new hardtop - easily and quickly assembled the »YES! Roadster« turns into a coupe!
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